Grow your business using social media

Strategies and expertise to build and strengthen relationships

81% of financial advisors using social media for business report gaining assets attributable to social media activity.

Nearly half of all advisors say their social media activity has increased since the beginning of the pandemic.

Source: Putnam Social Advisor Survey 2021. Online survey conducted in June 2021 of 252 financial advisors who had been advising retail clients for more than 2 years and had used social media for business.

Putnam's team of dedicated Practice Management Specialists can help you optimize your use of social media.

Alexandra Nawoichik

Senior Practice Management Specialist

Marie Sparks

Senior Practice Management Specialist

Tiffany Dyson

Practice Management Specialist

Learn how to:

Develop and express your professional brand to grow and maintain relationships

  • Connect with current clients; attract top prospects; leverage groups

  • Align marketing communications with target markets

Prospect and generate revenue using social media

  • Mine for high-quality referrals and strengthen relationships with the households you serve

  • Increase net new assets with a premium subscription

Add value with clients and nurture COIs with unique seminars

  • Empower those in life transition

  • Educate local business owners

10 minute daily challenge

Follow this simple daily routine to leverage LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, and help build your business, strengthen client relationships, and grow assets.