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Investment Management

The team provides investment services across a range of equity, fixed income, and alternative strategies.

Investment Management

Every business unit is committed to innovative thinking and service excellence.

Our Investment Management teams

Equities offers an expanded investment universe with a range of funds that cover U.S., international, and global equity markets, including sector-specific funds.

  • We believe there are many ways to achieve investment objectives so we offer several strategies — growth, value, and blend styles, and large-, mid-, and small-cap objectives — to meet investors' needs.
  • We seek new opportunities and manage risk by teaming experienced portfolio managers with our in-house global equity research organization.

Fixed Income takes a comprehensive view of risk to build bond funds with a broader range of investment potential.

  • We actively work to determine which risks are worth taking and when.
  • We have fundamental insights into a wide range of sectors, including areas beyond the benchmark index.

GAA manages the portfolios to hold a variety of investments in all market conditions so they are positioned to benefit from a wide range of opportunities.

  • We proactively pursue opportunities in the portfolios and regularly rebalance to maintain a consistent risk profile.
  • We have one of the longest-tenured teams of asset allocation specialists in the industry.
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