Our team brings diverse skills to identifying sustainability and ESG issues that matter to performance and identifying stocks that benefit from these issues. Our investment process incorporates sector analysis, stock recommendations from the core research team, and insights from other portfolio managers.

A week in the life of an active manager

We aim to create a holistic approach that is greater than the sum of its parts. Read about a small subset of the total research and investment activity for our team from a week of our team’s meetings in November 2022, as a way to bring these processes more vividly to life.

A week in the life of an active manager

Team members

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

Leading the Sustainable Equity team, Ms. Collins advances collaboration between portfolio managers and analysts on ESG research integration at the security and portfolio levels. She also guides strategy implementation and thought leadership on ESG issues and is a portfolio manager of Putnam's two sustainable equity strategies. An industry veteran with 30+ years of investment experience, she served at Fidelity as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and Director of Research. Ms. Collins also authored The Nature of Investing, a book about building resilient investment strategies.

Years in the industry: 33
Years at Putnam: 6

Katherine Collins

Stephanie Dobson, Portfolio Manager

Responsible for conducting fundamental analysis and valuation of companies, Ms. Dobson is a portfolio manager of Putnam’s two sustainable strategies. She evaluates company performance across ESG factors and identifies potential risks and opportunities related to these factors. She brings experience in interpreting and applying ESG data and researching relevant ESG issues. Ms. Dobson serves on the Board of Directors of Rosie’s Place, a women-only sanctuary and shelter in Boston.

Years in the industry: 12
Years at Putnam: 6

Stephanie Dobson

Alexander Rickson, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Analyst

Responsible for portfolio construction, quantitative research, and risk management, Mr. Rickson provides skills both in the interpretation of ESG data and its application to the investment process.

Years in the industry: 23
Years at Putnam: 21

Alexander Rickson

Samuel Alpert, Analyst

Responsible for conducting valuation of companies and making buy/sell recommendations, Mr. Alpert focuses on sustainable investing and health care.

Years in the industry: 5
Years at Putnam: 5

Samuel Alpert

Devin Ahearn, Analyst

Responsible for conducting valuation of companies and making buy/sell recommendations, Ms. Ahearn focuses on sustainable investing and e-commerce companies.

Years in the industry: 4
Years at Putnam: 4

Devin Ahearn

Mary Catherine Landy, ESG Integration Analyst

Responsible for research on investment themes to complement fundamental analysis, Ms. Landry focuses on issuer and regulatory analysis and corporate engagement project management.

Years in the industry: 2
Years at Putnam: 2

Mary Catherine Landy

Michel Boulos, CFA, CAIA, Senior Investment Director

Responsible for product positioning and competitive analysis, Mr. Boulos is a member of the Global Investment Strategies group.

Years in the industry: 21
Years at Putnam: 2

Michel Boulos

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Frequently Asked Questions | Sustainable Investing

How does the Sustainable team collaborate to enhance research across Putnam?

The Sustainable Equity Team’s works to extend Putnam’s long-standing strength in fundamental research to produce deeper insights in context-specific, forward-looking ESG, sustainability, and impact analysis. Our research analysts examine the most relevant ESG issues within the context of each company and industry, and they collaborate with team members across industries and asset classes.